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Our History

We've been creating custom landscaping designs for residential and commercial clients since 2003.

We advise our potential customer ​​​ deciding on which type of grass you are going to go for, should depend on the following question they must ask themselves

What will the lawn space mainly be used for

How much time per week would I be able to spend on the upkeep of my lawn?

 How much money Can I afford to spend on the purchase and the upkeep of the lawn?

Will the new lawn suffer with light or shade problem and even more importantly drainage 

Artificial grass may indeed be easier to care for than the real thing, but some people have trouble getting over the feel of artificial grass.

 Some people will  also struggle with the sound of artificial grass, and the soft crispy rustling noise it makes  when you walk on it.

 Artificial grass may not be quite the same as real turf, but the look of some of the  higher end  artificial grass manufactures  can easily fool  Some .

Our Portfolio

It's been our honor to create some of the most Intricate and also simple and effective  landscaped spaces that you'll see in your local area.

Our Ideas

We specialize in the new, the happening, the now. Where others see limitations, we see possibility.